Marvelous meeting you. My name is Samira Rahimi. Born and raised in Tehran, Iran. Living in San Francisco, CA.

I’m a design-driven, award winning, technology-lover with an eye for innovation and a passion for creative direction and design. I believe in doing a diverse set of work and be an effective swiss army knife.

Like any other kid, I took a painting class when I was 8, however, my painting teacher was also a graphic designer. Leyla introduced me to Polish-style posters and galleries and lectures by world-renowned designers…I was amazed. At that very young age, I made up my mind that I wanted to be a designer. After studying graphic design in high school, I earned a BFA in design, followed by an MFA in motion media design. For my MFA thesis, titled Legible Motions, I explored how motion graphics is revolutionizing the way all of us receive and interact with information. Life is a learning journey, and the acts of exploring and creating help me absorb the most, more easily and faster.

The things that make me the happiest are design, travel, and a proper breakfast. Without these things, I would not be me.
Whenever I’m not in the office or traveling, I’m contributing to nonprofits through freelance projects, volunteer hours, and events, and serving as a board member.
I’d love to walk with you and have a talk about a creative project or an idea that leads us to say, "Let's do it!"